Hello everyone!


This season you all will be taking the baseline ImPact test at home. Please be sure to take it on a computer and NOT a cell phone. You will have until March 14th to complete this. If you do not complete it, you will not be able to participate until you take it.


The directions are as follows:


Type in the following website: www.impacttestonline.com/testing

The customer code is : AZYV8QSNXT

Organization is: Bethlehem Area School District



Please remember the following points before having taking the test:
•Allow for plenty of time- testing will take approximately 30 minutes.
•Please ensure appropriate computer setup for test
•Please provide a quiet and distraction free environment
•Please ensure you are well rested
•Please read instructions carefully
•Please complete test without interruption or breaks
•Please try your best!!


If you have any questions or trouble please reach out to,


Brianna Frable- Brianna.frable@sluhn.org


Connor Shelton- connor.shelton@sluhn.org